Carol Savid, Works in Glass

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. Biography and Artist's Statement .
Light excites me. It is an ethereal matter that gives life and reveals life. And for 25 years, my art has used glass to express this enthusiasm for light. My most recent work uses glass and water - supported by stone and steel - to capture and exhibit light. My work, at its core, strives to recreate light by passing it through the mediums of glass and water so that the viewer can observe and experience this ephemeral matter in a stationary existence.

My pieces are gentle and relaxing. They entice the viewer to come closer and experience them from the inside out. My work is not a statement. It cannot be intellectualized. Rather, it is an invitation to feel, to be gently touched and calmed. The light is to be observed; the water to be heard. The art work must be experienced, much the same way one observes a cascade of water in nature: it invites and calms, unconsciously moving the viewer into a state of tranquility. This, in the end, is why I create art, to move both myself and the viewer into another state of mind.

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