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2009 The Amarillo Museum of Art Biennial 600: GLASS, Amarillo, TX

2009 Carol Savid - Outdoor Sculpture, Santa Fe, NM

2009 Taos Annual Art Glass Invitational, Taos, NM

2004 "Taos Invites Taos", Best of Show Mixed Media, Taos, NM

2000 "Studio Visit", Discovery Channel

1998 Palace of the Governors Invitational, Santa Fe, NM

1997 "Taos Invites Taos", Taos, NM

1996 "Taos Invites Taos", Taos, NM

1995 "Mariposa Christmas Show", Albuquerque, NM

1994 "New York Designer Show", New York, NY

1992 Channel 7 Special, Channel 7 News, Albuquerque, NM

1992 Showroom at the World Trade Center, Dallas, TX

1991 Showroom at the World Trade Center, Dallas, TX

1989 "Totem Fest", Elaine Horwitch Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

1989 "Galleria Show", Los Angeles County Museum of Art

1988 "The I-40 Connection, Contemporary Artists of the Southwest", Elaine Horwitch Galleries

1987 Galleria Ferallde, Group Show, Aspen, CO

1987 "President's Choice" Invitational Group Show, 5 artists, White Hart Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO

1987 "Taos Connections Rock Art", Denver, CO

1985 "Taos Connections Exhibit", opening and show at Taos Connections, Denver, CO

1982 Sundance Gallery, Fort Worth, Santa Fe image

1980 Santa Fe Festival of the Arts, Santa Fe, NM

1977 "New York Designer Show" and "Christmas Review", Fairtree Gallery, New York, NY

1975 "Contemporary Crafts of the Americas", International show. Traveled with works from South America and U.S.A., Fort Collins, CO, Smithsonian Institute

1975-76 Fairtree Gallery "Review", New York, NY

1972 George Walter Vincent Smith Museum, Hartford CT

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