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Roc Lite Series

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Roc Lite Series

Rock lites are created to integrate with the natural rock forms in your garden, to light without being obvious. The glass, metal and rock are the vehicle for light to be captured and viewed in your garden during the day. At night, the internal halogen lamps provide illumination.

All shipping prices, with the exception of Endings to Beginnings series, are based on approximate estimates. Savid Studios will be glad to assist you on exact shipping costs based on your location and zip code.

Sizes are all varied as each rock is unique in dimension & weight. No two stones in nature are identical. When ordering, please keep this in mind. Price includes halogen lights and transformer for each rock lite.

Price - starting at $3000
Size 20"w x 20"d x 32 - 36"h
Weight 200 - 500 lbs.
Shipping $200 - $500

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