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One of a Kind Series

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One of a Kind

Being an outdoor person I wanted my art to be oriented to the light inviting me in. Each sentry is designed to work among rocks, shrubs, plantings and trees, from xeriscape to lush jungle, home or commercial. Patios, atrium and tall indoor spaces also offer unlimited potential for placement of a sentry scuplture.

Stone & Light Fusion Sentry
I was really intrigued by the limestone, quarried out of Kansas, as each piece is randomly interspersed with prehistoric sea animal and shell fossils. I wanted to integrate the strength and solidity of this limestone with the ethereal light-giving qualities of cast lead crystal. By uniting the stone and crystal it gives the rock the infinite possibilities of captured light. Gilding the fossilized rock texture with 24 kt. gold adds extra animation.

Price $3500
Size 6' tall
Weight 300 lbs.
Shipping* $400

Sundisk Sentry
The top disk is a one-of-a-kind cast design set into a steel frame that has been gilded with 24 kt. It is inserted into a large quarried piece of natural quartz crystal which sits upon a column of limestone. The texture, quality and opaqueness of the glass duplicates the appearance and textural quality of the natural quartz, hinting to the viewer that they are of the same substance, while they are not. The gilded steel mount accents the reflection of light in the glass and quartz.

Price $4500
Size Disk: 22"; Guilded stand: 20"; Quartz rock: 26" x 12 " x 11"; Limestone: 18" x 9" x 6'; Overall Height: 9'
Weight 800 lbs.
Shipping* $650

Sundisk Screen
Price $3500
Size 32" x 43"
Weight 85 lbs.
Shipping* $250

Guardian Screen
Price $3900
Size of Each Panel 18" x 6.5'
Weight 45 lbs.
Shipping* $300

Ice Sections
Price $3500
Size 5.5' x 18"
Weight 125 lbs.
Shipping* $400

All shipping prices, with the exception of Endings to Beginnings series, are based on approximate estimates. Savid Studios will be glad to assist you on exact shipping costs based on your location and zip code.

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